The 7 P’s

November 17, 2017
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February 8, 2018

The 7 P’s

7 P’s 

If I heard my parents say this once, I have heard it a thousand times.  It is incredibly applicable in the world of strength and conditioning.  That, after all, is what you are participating in when you enter a crossfit gym.  At TPA we don’t guess or throw together workouts that we “like”. Everything has a purpose.  The information that comes from the smartphone app, or the white board, each day is but one small piece in a large puzzle.
What are we building?  What type of image will that puzzle create?  Every day that you show up and complete your session, you are filling in another piece of that puzzle.  The emphasis of that workout must fit the mold and serve its purpose to create the adaptations that are the end goal.  Let’s make this simple. If you want to be able to do a pull-up, we must strengthen the right muscle groups to complete that movement.  Every coach creates a plan for this differently, some more effectively than others.
It is not enough to look at a website and think “I like this workout”.  If you are stepping through the doors of our gym, you are entrusting us with your goals and visions. Believe us when we say that we have visions and goals for every athlete at TPA.  To anyone who is looking for a strength and conditioning program, this is the most important component.  Results create a fun atmosphere. While crossfit is defined by being constantly varied, it is far from non-specific.  If you gave a child random math equations that spanned 12 grades, and expected them to complete and increase efficiency at all of the problems, they would fail.
TPA utilizes a system that allows each week to bring a new order of movements, emphasized in our strength work.  The conditioning that follows is in part accessory work for that major lift, as well as a vessel to increase general physical preparedness.  That simply put, is the body’s ability to complete a task.  If you attended one class every day at TPA you would find a variance in strength movements.  However, if your schedule is M/W/F, our program is written so that you will not miss particular movements each week. Not every day will end up being squat day, although I do love squats.
The investment in your health is one of time. Time must be spent in order to take steps towards reaching goals.  I have had the pleasure of coaching at TPA for two years. Our members can tell you that they never stop improving.  If you are unsure of your plan, allow our team to be helpful in achieving your goals.
Head Coach,
Alex Valadja

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