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August 25, 2016
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Meet Matt Lynn!
Tell us about you and your family.
I grew up in Robinson township which is about 10 minutes west of Pittsburgh. I am currently engaged and live with my beautiful bride-to-be in Mt. Lebanon,PA. We are planning on having our wedding on Presquele Isle bay on labor day weekend in 2017. My mother works as a perfusionist at West Penn hospital and my father works for Montour school district as a school bus driver. I have a younger brother, Brian, and a younger sister, Kelsey. Brian is a steamfitter and Kelsey recently graduated from UPJ and works in Pittsburgh for BNY Mellon. I graduated from Cal U in 2011 and received my MBA from RMU in 2015. I currently work as an analyst for PPG in Cranberry.
What brought you to CrossFit TPA?
I knew about CrossFit but didn’t really feel like it was for me. I had done weight training since high school and at the time was content with that. Once I got a job in cranberry and I had a friend who did a HIT/ circuit training gym, I figured I would try it out. It was a smart move.
If You created a WOD, what would it be called and what would it consist of?
Name: I am not very good with naming things or being creative but I like workouts that combine Olympic lifts with a good amount cardio because that is a big weakness for me.
Cash in: 1000 m run
3 Rounds:
10 Deadlift
10 Clean
10 Snatch
10 WB( max weight)
Cash out: 1000 m row
How has CrossFit Changed your life?
CrossFit has allowed to get in the best shape that I have been in in my entire life. It has also opened me up to an new entirely community of people that I may not of been able to meet has I pursued CrossFit.
Most memorable moment at CrossFit TPA.
The first time I did Murph. That was the first time I remember almost passing out from a WOD. It may have been a month or two after I started and that workout really humbled me. Now it is one of my favorite workouts to do.
Advice for people getting started at CFTPA.
The best advice would to 1) to continue to come to workouts even though they will be site and 2) is to focus on finishing all the workouts completely. When I first started I feel like I focused too much on getting the best times and I sacrificed my form or lost count of my reps. Once you get a mindset of finishing, it gives a great foundation to get in better shape and continue to improve each week.

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