Open Standards and Bro Reps

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February 8, 2018
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February 10, 2018

Open Standards and Bro Reps

Standards of Movement:

Many crossfit enthusiasts watch the televised Open/Regionals/Games. It is an incredible opportunity to watch phenomenal athletes perform at the highest levels.  The drama of “no-reps” can be equally entertaining.  These athletes are going as fast as humanly possible in a professional setting.  In the realm of quantifiable functional movements, each one of those athletes can perform any of them to standard.  They might cut it close because they are trying to further a career.
Here’s the point – during the Open it is important and fun to give full effort.  However, if we cut short the standard of the movement we minimize the experience for all.  This occurrence has been playfully named “bro-reps”.  In short, a bro-rep isn’t a fully completed movement, but it’s your bro…so they were close enough, right?  Wrong.
Standards exist for two reasons.  The first, being fairness.  If it isn’t fair, why are we playing?  The second reason,  safety, is in my opinion, more important.  I believe Crossfit does a masterful job of providing standards for movements.  If you can make the movement look like the demo, there’s a pretty good shot you’re being safe.
If you plan on judging this year, be prepared to say no rep, and be prepared to get no-repped. IT HAPPENS.  Have you ever had a coach tell you to stay back in your heels and get lower?  That right there could have been a no-rep. The main difference is that we are TRAINING not COMPETING.  If we can correct a movement flaw mid-workout, as a coach, we’ve done our job.  In an open workout you will hear a coaches cues, but you might also hear no-rep.
This is not to deter anyone from competing in the amazing five week experience.  I am simply trying to prepare all athletes mentally and physically.  All my life I was told to practice how I would play, and I would play how I practiced.
In Health and Strength,
Head Coach Alex Valadja

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