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September 3, 2016
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November 6, 2016

Novembers Spot light!

Melissa Morgan

Melissa Morgan

Meet Melissa Morgan!
Tell us about you and your family.
Ok, you might regret asking… ha ha

I am Melissa Morgan married to Mike Morgan for 25 years. I love to talk about my family….We live in Jackson Twp., we have 4 kids, and most of us think we are funny… and we are.

Mike works for Chesapeake Energy.

I work for Dept. of Health as the Southwest regional coordinator for state wide program The Special Kids Network.

Hunter (24) is simply amazing… He lives with us and with autism, epilepsy, and is non-verbal, and requires direct care, assistance and supervision ( I know I couldn’t go a day without talking and with someone always monitoring me)… he handles life and struggles, to enjoy simple pleasures. He loves to swing on his swings, take walks, listens to music, and a chicken wings ) Hunter shows me how to not sweat the small things but be inspired the small things..and stand tall, and listen.

Next is Levi (22) Served a 2 year mission for our church in Denver Colorado. Lived in Utah, attended business college, and recently returned to PA. He is a photographer, waits on that perfect shot and with the perfect snap & edit is sharing awesome photos. He is going back to college to study environmental science/geology. Levi shows me how to be patient and good things will happen.

Hannah (20) spent the past year and half attending BYU Idaho studying civil engineering, was interrupted last December with health problems requiring brain surgery, recovered miraculously, and is struggling with some more health issues and is returning home to once again seek medical attention and recover. Hannah shows me, not to give up, but always look up, for the silver lining.

Eva (11) is in 6th grade and loves life. Eva is always smiling, if not run the other direction. She completed her first season of cheerleading for Seneca Valley North football. Eva loves crossfit teen and works hard to learn a new skill. She is good at setting goals, writing them down and working to master them. Eva has a goal to compete for the crossfit games one day. Eva shows me to set a goal and work hard to make it happen.

We also have 3 Golden Retrievers: Stanley (6) Ruger (3) Piper (1) a garage cat Jinkze (2) and 8 chickens (2).
What brought you to CrossFit TPA?
I tried crossfit TPA for the 1st.time 4 years ago and with work, family… and a handful of excuses I put it on hold. I started it again this part March with my Daughter Hannah asking if I would try crossfit with her. Hannah’s Neurosurgeon cleared her and we chose to give crossfit TPA our best, and made it a priority!

I also remember one thing I heard Coach Tammy say: “if you want a rockin hard bikini bod, then get in the crossfit TPA and do a WOD” should be a bumper sticker.
If You created a WOD, what would it be called and what would it consist of?
“Hard & High”

when you finish your WOD (workout of the day) you will feel hard in places that were soft and your feel a new high on life.

Squats / over head squats


Dead lifts

a tiny bit of Assault bike & or a small run, like around the building.

How has CrossFit Changed your life?
I Once again I quote Tammy at Crossfit TPA. “Life is about choices”

I believe Crossfit TPA has been 1 of the best choices I have made. Choices we make will determine our destiny. Choices we make for a large part determine whether or not we reach our goal, but we start by making a choice… (it can be getting married, getting divorced, education, employment, down to something simple as what we put in and on our bodies, and how we care for our bodies. “Life is perfect for none of us, we can improve it one choice at a time”.

Like anyone else, I have ups and downs, trials & struggles that sometimes get the best of us. After my son Hunter was kicked out of his 2nd day program for Adult individuals with disabilities, I knew this would mean he would be at home 24/7 and that was stressful for him as well as me (direct caregiver). I needed help, a solution, a clear mind on what next to try & how… ? I needed to feel healthy. I was feeling overwhelmed, down and NOT enjoying life, I was feeling I was becoming part of the problem, instead of the solution. I needed help with my mental health.

Attending crossfit TPA for the 2nd time around was a good experience. Meeting with Coach Jamie to then starting the 5:30am class, with Tricia, Jeanie and Alex has been one thing I chose, and have feelings of thankfulness and never a regret…I love the people and the COACHES. I consistently attended for 2 weeks and felt better about my self and my current situation. I noticed over the months that my posture became tall, my muscles became sore, but hard… that is a good thing. I am stronger, and healthier both mentally and psychically .

I feel inspired and supported by the people in crossfit TPA, they are a great example to me. I feel confident in life as a whole, and I give thanks to crossfit TPA Coaches and the members.

Most memorable moment at CrossFit TPA.
When I completed a WOD for the 1st time without modifications, and then when I wasn’t the last one to finish…memorable.

or falling off a box or ramming a bar into my chin doing push press

Advice for people getting started at CFTPA.
Make it a daily choice. It will improve your mental and psychical health.

Schedule your day around a class time that you will attend crossfit TPA, you will love it.

I love this quote:
“May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong”

November is the month we celebrate our Thanksgiving. I give thanks for the blessings crossfit TPA gives in strengthening me and our community.

Melissa Morgan

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