New Year Nutrition Challenge

Chronic disease—including obesity, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer—accounts for 70 percent of the deaths in the United States every year, Glassman explains.

“Medicine has no answer,” he says. “You do.”

Adapted from CrossFit Founder and CEO Greg Glassman’s Level 1 Certificate Course lectures Feb. 27, 2016, in San Jose, California; March 27, 2016, in Aromas, California; and April 24, 2016, in Oakland, California.


The answer in battling chronic disease? The first step is taking control of your nutrition. The Fitness Pyramid lists nutrition at the bottom of the pyramid because it is the absolute most important factor in health and fitness!

Take control of your diet and lead a healthier lifestyle by joining us for our New Year Nutrition Challenge! We aim to educate, empower, and inspire anyone and everyone, TPA member or not, on how to make better nutrition choices that will last a lifetime!

How will the challenge work?

  • We will have an nutrition seminar on Thursday, December 28th, at 7:30pm to go over all different aspects of nutrition

  • From there we will schedule individual one-on-one meetings to get your first of 2 InBody Scans, before pictures, and discuss the results of your questionnaire to gauge lifestyle factors, any diagnosed health issues, and additional information to determine the best individualized nutrition plan

  • The challenge itself will begin Tuesday January 2nd and go through Tuesday January 30th

  • All participants will check in once a week

  • We will do all of our communicating through a private Facebook group

  • Once the challenge is over we will have another round of exit meetings to get your 2nd InBody scan, after pictures, and discuss how we can make the changes sustainable for life!

  • The cost for the challenge is $100


InBody Machine:

The InBody machine is a hospital grade body composition analyzer that will give you all the information you need to see the exact make up of your body. The best way to start with a nutrition plan is knowing the exact point that you are starting from. With the InBody, we’re able to pinpoint different aspects of your body composition to better help you with your nutrition journey.


Past Nutrition Challenge Success Stories:

Reni H.

Lost: 24 pounds

GAINED: “What I learned: 1. Nutrition is the key to losing weight. I worked out for 9 years and saw no change. I dialed in my nutrition and lost weight instantly. 2. Reading labels is easy now. 3. Protein is the key to less hunger. 4. Losing weight = more energy, better sleep, happier, more confidence. 5. Without nutritional knowledge, a person will overeat on a daily basis. It’s amazing where calories are hidden!”

Lou N.

Lost: 30 pounds

GAINED: “A comeback! I walked away from competition 6 years ago with a lot of questions. This weight loss inspired me to sign up for another bench press competition. Not only that, I am setting my goals higher by trying to compete at 198. I never did it before but I think it’s really possible now!!!”

Amanda B:

Lost: 60 pounds

GAINED: “The understanding that nutrition is a huge part of it! I figured out which foods fueled my workouts and which foods gave me more energy and made me feel and look my best!”

Melissa M:

Lost: 12 pounds

GAINED: “I learned the value of what I put in my mouth. Shamefully I didn’t know much, nor did I have to worry about it until this phase of my life.”

Stay up to date with the details on our Free Nutrition Seminar (Thursday, December 28th @ 7:30pm) by checking out our Facebook Event.

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New Year Nutrition Challenge

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