My Confession

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October 18, 2017
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November 14, 2017

My Confession

I have a Confession

I have a confession.

I procrastinate.
Not all of the time. Not on with certain things. I’m not exactly sure why I procrastinate on the things I do!
Heres my current scenario:
I knew since April that I was ‘invited’ to the Box Pro Summit in Philadelphia today. I am NOT ready to go. At all. I had 6 months to pack, write blogs, send emails, update posts, make food for my husband… And here I am in my pajamas writing to you about my misgivings.
I’ve done it my whole life
Cramming for a test
Only flossing the day before the dental cleaning (Debbie L, don’t judge)
Putting the nursery together before the boys arrived. (Actually this wasn’t do to procrastination, they arrived 14 weeks early)
I once crammed for a figure competition. 6 weeks to get to stage ready in a microscopic bikini, after multiple batches of Christmas cookies… I don’t recommend it. But I pulled out a 3rd place ‘win’, and if I ever see multiple containers of broccoli and talpia in the fridge I may hyperventilate….Or the microscopic bikini!
Trying to pull out a muscle up in the CrossFit Open, and never practicing E.V.E.R.
I tell myself I work best under pressure.
But do I really?
One thing that I don’t procrastinate is exercise. UNLESS…I am at home. I’ve been in the health and fitness industry over 18 years (because I started when I was 5 :D) and I’d rather be drug through thorn bushes by a horse in my old figure comp bikini than workout at home. I have zero equipment here at the Friedt Casa. Except a treadmill…Thats Jere’s…the little cardio queen :D!
Take me to the gym and I’ll get my workout in everyday, any day. I love it! I love the equipment, the camaraderie, the ‘just kidding smack talk’… the coaching, the no thinking about what I’m going to do because Alex has it all programmed for me…. AND All of the PEOPLE. Aaahhh instant love.
Maybe thats why I’m procrastinating…
I’ll miss all you guys!

Love Tammy Friedt
Owner CrossFit TPA

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