Holliday Nutrition Challenge
November 21, 2016
Member Spotlight Emily Rastatter!
May 31, 2017

Member Spotlight Chris and Kath Smith!

us-2Tell us about you and your family: Hello TPA friends! We are excited to be chosen together to be the spotlight members of the month! I’m Chris, I’m 48 years YOUNG. I’m originally from Greensburg, PA. I moved to Florida after college. where I met Kath. Kath is 44, originally from Yonkers, NY. We met in Florida in 1991, lived in sin for 5 years and then married Six years later,we had our son, Hayden, now 14, then our daughter, Hannah, who is now 10. We moved to PA. in 2007 to start our own business, Control Freeks. This has been one of the best decisions we have ever made (next to joining TPA)!

What brought you to CrossFit TPA? I have been doing some form of weight lifting since I was about 15 years old. Like a lot of people, it started to get more like a chore than a something I looked forward to. It was the same thing, week in and week out. Back and Bi’s on Monday, Chest and Tri’s on Wednesday, Legs and Shoulders on Friday with cardio on the off days. I was looking for something a little different and a little more challenging. Some people from my daughters gymnastics gym said we should look into CrossFit. I did some research online and came across CrossFit TPA. I signed up for one of the free classes to try it out (it was a Saturday Mayhem class). Needless to say, it kicked my ass! I came home and told Kath this is what we need to do. At first she said NO WAY! But with a little persuasion, she said OK. A year and half later, we are physically and mentally stronger than we have ever been!

If You created a WOD, what would it be called and what would it consist of? First, let me tell you what it won’t consist of, burpees for Kath and wall balls for me. 3 Rounds For Time, 30 Situps, 20 Pullups, 10 Deadlifts (185/135)

How has CrossFit Changed your life? First, we are physically in the best shape of our lives, which I think is rare being that we are 48 and 44 years old. We have made many new friends at TPA that we look forward to seeing every day. Our kids enjoy hearing about our accomplishments and really get a kick out of watching us work out or compete in the CrossFit Open. It has taught all of us the importance of eating healthy and living an active lifestyle.

Most memorable moment at CrossFit TPA. Competing in our first CrossFit Open. Neither of us had ever competed in a fitness competition before. While we were a little nervous at first, after the first week, we couldn’t wait to find out what the next weeks WOD would be.

Advice for people getting started at CFTPA. GET YOUR ASS IN THERE! It will be physically and mentally tough at first but you will be amazed at how far you can push yourself if you just try. It

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