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November 14, 2017
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January 12, 2018


For anyone that has done Crossfit, I guarantee they would say it is a love/hate relationship.  One day you feel great, you hit a new PR, mastered a new skill, and crushed the WOD.  You leave feeling awesome.  The next day you come back riding the high from the day before, but everything falls apart.  The barbell feels like a million pounds, you can’t get your HSPUs, and move like a snail on the WOD.  You leave feeling frustrated and loathing Crossfit.  Usually this love/hate relationship comes from expectations we place on ourselves.

Today I hated Crossfit. 

I hit a new PR, did better on the WOD than I expected, and laughed with friends, but I still felt defeated.  This feeling did not come from my own performance but because of the performance of others.

As you may know, I am competitive.  Extremely competitive.  And my competitive nature does not end with Crossfit. I always want to win, no matter what.  Today I did not win.  It was a great workout for me, all movements I excel at, but I did not win.  Normally, I can shake this off and come back the next day with a determination to try harder but this was different.  I did not lose because of skill, effort, or athletic ability; I lost because of the lack of integrity of other athletes.  To me integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.  I was raised to work hard, not lie, cheat, steal, or use the Lord’s name in vain.  These are values that I live by as an adult and I struggle when I see people betraying these values.  I don’t cut reps, I don’t shortchange the movements, and I don’t cut corners.  If my chest doesn’t touch the bar on a C2B pull-up, I re-do that rep.  I know everyone has different goals by coming to TPA, but I think everyone has one common goal, to be the best version of themselves.  In a few short months the Crossfit Open will start.  During the Open at TPA athletes will be judged on the quantity and quality of their reps.  This is a time when we get to show off our best selves to our fellow athletes.  So I ask you are you bringing the best version of yourself to TPA every day?  Are you being honest with your workouts and performance and upholding your highest integrity?  Only you know the answer to these questions.


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