If You Could go Back and Save Yourself

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October 8, 2017
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October 18, 2017

If You Could go Back and Save Yourself

My husband and I went to our boys college homecoming football game Saturday. It was a beautiful day. The stands were packed with alumni from many previous years.

A group of twenty somethings sat down behind us and proceeded to catch up with one another for the majority of the game. Two of the group were newly engaged and were planning their wedding in the spring of next year…Did I mention it was PACKED in the stands? We were close..for several hours… I’m expecting an invitation in the mail any day.

Any way… they were taking about what they had registered for and what they decided they were not registering for. A vacuum cleaner, Dyson, I believe, along with Fiesta Wear (in gray and teal blue) they were also registering for formal china, a coffee pot that grinds the coffee from the actual bean (!) and not registering for the Nespresso! (You’ve got to be kidding me…no Nespresso? its my favorite!) At that point I almost turned around and began giving them marital advice! You will find that your tastes will differ, one may like stronger coffee and one may like hot brown water… You will N.E.V.E.R use the fine china…!

That got me thinking…What would I tell my twenty year old self if I could?

Oh there is so much, But I will stick to what is relevant and not go down THAT road 😉

First things first. Don’t smoke. That was plain rebellion against my mother. And Yes people can smell your smoke, and no, hairspray and a mint doesn’t hide the smell.

Second, just because you can eat an entire pizza by yourself doesn’t mean you should. I know you love your husband and he can metabolize a pizza faster than you can say ‘what does metabolize mean’…please don’t try to keep up with him.

Along this subject; just because you order a salad with cheese, french fries, two hard boiled eggs, black olives, banana peppers and 2 sides of blue cheese dressing does not qualify as ‘eating healthy’. Wait one more… Fat Free doesn’t mean you wont gain weight if you eat an entire box of Entenmann’s ‘Fat Free’ coffee cheese cake.

This is the last one, I promise!

Just because you are pregnant with twins does not mean you literally are eating for a small village!

Just stop with the hotdogs, put it down and slowly back away…slooowly… keep going…

Does this tent dress make my ass look huge? Not really… it was the 70 pounds I gained in 23 weeks that made my ass huge! (Yes, I know normal gestation is 40 weeks, my boys were in a hurry to see Pittsburgh in the spring) Apparently I was trying to win something… I’m not quite sure what though..

Ok! That is a little of what I would have told myself about what NOT to eat!

Next I would tell my twenty something year old self, What TO eat. Protein, fibrous carbs and good Fat, like avocados or olive oil. In s.m.a.l.l.e.r. portions. Ditch the diet soda, and drink water, for Petes Sake!

Exercise…Oh boy… I was the queen of the elliptical! You could find me for years reading 2-3 magazines going to town forward and backward on the elliptical. While Jere, ‘the meathead’ pounded iron. I never touched the dark black things… Nope not me! I didn’t want to get bulky, oh hell no! For years I was the cardio queen. And abs! Oh my abs! …many many 100‘s &1000‘s of reps of crunches. I never did see my abs during those years…huh… weird.

Silly girl…… Muscle burns fat! You wont get bulky unless you decide to take steroids and train multiple hours in the day! You need, strength training, cardio and mobility. You need All of the things! Not just 1 thing 🙂

What would YOU tell your twenty, thirty, forty, year old self?

Its never to late to learn new things!

Love, Tammy

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