F³: Sifting Through the Nonsense

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July 5, 2017
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July 24, 2017

F³: Sifting Through the Nonsense

When it comes to achieving your ideal body composition and living a healthy lifestyle there are no short cuts to your final destination. It takes nothing but consistency, hard work, and patience to reach your goals. There’s no diet pill, magic wrap, shake, detox, or “super food” that is going to make you instantly lose weight. Understandably it’s hard to look past the “Lose 10 pounds in 3 days!” claims but I’m going to have to ask you to look the other way when you see that. There is nothing worthwhile in life that comes with little effort and big results.*

((*Except winning the lottery; and I’m still working on that one))

We are so slammed through every social media platform with people selling “health” and marketing half-truths that it’s hard to tell what’s what anymore.


A perfect example of the barrage of marketing BS is literally anything and everything that comes from Dr. Oz. He IS a cardio-thoracic surgeon with medical degrees from 2 different Ivy League Schools, so why shouldn’t I believe him? He is a doctor! Well, when it comes to his show he is nothing but a paid spokesperson that pushes products for the right price, misleading MILLIONS of Americans to waste their money on bogus products that don’t work.

The only proven system that can help you achieve long term sustainable success is a good diet, exercise, and patience. Anything other than that is probably garbage. Sure, you might find something that can aid in the process, but the foundation will always be a consistent effort with your diet and exercise. Not raspberry ketones, goji berries, and green coffee bean extract.

The diet industry is a billion dollar business that thrives on confusion, fear, and lack of knowledge. Stop wasting your hard earned money, time, and hope on junk products that don’t work. The only way to sift through all the nonsense is to do your own research and practice some evidence based decision making. I would suggest PubMed or another site that you can read research papers or work through your own trial and error process to find what makes you feel good and gives you your desired results. Just remember: if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. If it promises little effort and guarantees big results, it’s probably bogus.

Here is a formula that is sure to help you find success: a nutrition plan that works for your lifestyle and exercise routine that challenges you. Once you’ve found those two things then the next step is to put your head down and work your tail off. Then repeat every single day until you reach your desired results.

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