CrossFit in CrossFit Shoes, Run in Running Shoes. by MoJo Jenn

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February 8, 2018
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March 15, 2018

CrossFit in CrossFit Shoes, Run in Running Shoes. by MoJo Jenn

Doing the 2018 Open?
Please don’t do it in your running shoes!

If you have signed up for the 2018 Open, then I am going to guess that you are someone that wakes up every morning wanting to be the best version of yourself. I totally get it, me too. “Open Season” is one of my favorite times of the year, I love to see people push themselves to their limits and then beyond. I am always the one that is most afraid to sign up, I dread every Thursday evening, and I make myself crazy thinking about how I can compete to make my team and myself proud. See, we are cut from the same cloth! I have been in the business of running for over 22 years. I have only been doing CrossFit for 5 years. My love is CrossFit, but I know the importance of cardio and running. The other thing that I know is that it is important that I use my running shoes for running and my CF shoes for CF.

Why? I am so glad that you asked! Running shoes are made to absorb shock as the heel and the foot contact the ground at 3X your body weight. Running shoes are made to move forward only. The also have a heel that is often 4-12mm higher than the midfoot (aka Heel Stack) and a great level of cushioning under the body of the foot. This is great for running but bad for CrossFit.

CrossFit routines offer a wide range of movement. Forward, lateral, plyometrics, ropes, walls, Spiderman’s…. you get the picture! It is important that the foot remains planted inside the CrossFit shoe and that the foot feels firm to the ground. You cannot get that feeling in a cushioned running shoe.

So, what is all the fuss about the heel stack or drop of the running shoe? Another awesome question! Whenever you have a heel stack that is greater than 4mm you are placing your knees in a compromising position when squatting or lunging. In addition, when your coach tells you to “get back in your heels” it is much easier in a shoe that is 4mm or lower. Another question that I am often asked is, “Can I do CF in my 4mm or minimal running shoes?” Yes, you can…BUT, know that the cushion under the midfoot isn’t the best for planting the foot and feeling secure.

I can keep writing, but I think it’s best to keep this short and simple. If you want to perform at your best in the Open please invest in a CrossFit shoe. Keep your running shoes on hand for the 400M & 800M days of Mayhems and those times when you are heading out to get in some extra cardio.

My favorite brands? Nike Metcon, any Inov-8 that is made for parkour or CrossFit, Reebok and some Nike Cross Trainers. Where can you get fitted for said shoe? Well, Mojo Running of course! (667 Castle Creek Drive Ext, Seven Fields Pa, 16046) All Open Participants get 15% off their shoes when they mention this article.

Best of luck and may your 2018 Open be filled with Awesomeness!

Mojo Jenn

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