8th Grade Goal: To be a Marine Biologist

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October 16, 2017
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October 25, 2017

8th Grade Goal: To be a Marine Biologist

I vividly remember being in 8th grade and we were contemplating our future goals. We got to meet with the school counselor and everything.

There it was, my first real goal! The first goal that I ever told anyone about… (insert trumpet sounds..)

I wanted to be a Marine Biologist! The school counselor was pumped for me, I could tell! We set up my classes so I could fast track to my goal!



I think I glided out of school that day. My life was set in stone. I knew my destiny!

I couldn’t wait for my Mom to get home from work so I could tell her the good news!

Finally she came home, I was super ready to share my glorious goal with her!

‘MOM! Guess what?! I know what I want to be! I have a goal and everything! A timeline… everything is set up! I am going to be a MARINE BIOLOGIST!” There I said it, I have told two people. Yippee! I was stoked for myself 🙂

Then it came… “What? A marine biologist? You can’t be a marine biologist Tammy Ann. (By the way.. NEVER call me that. EVER. Anyone.) You aren’t good at science, biology or math!” Whomp, whomp whomp… Crap. My dreams gone up in smoke… Poof… I quit on my first goal.

That is Not the way a goal setting session should go! Ever!

I do have to say that me wanting to be a marine biologist was quite a lofty goal, but not impossible! With hard work, and determination, anything is possible. ANYTHING.

This brings me to goal setting, the B-SMART way!


B- BALANCE. Don’t end up being the guy in the gym with big arms but skinny legs, or the super fit girl who lives in the gym but has no friends.

S—Specific. Specific means a well defined ‘something’ that would be clear to anyone else. 
Ex. Not specific—I want to be stronger. Specific— I want to be able to deadlift my bodyweight.

M—Measurable. Ask questions such as, how much? How many? How will I know when it is accomplished? Ex. Not measurable—Get fit. Measurable—lose 5 pounds of fat, gain five pounds of muscle, compete a CrossFit Competition or be able to reach my toes.

A—Attainable. You can’t run a marathon tomorrow, but you can run around the block. Your goals need to stretch you, push you to go farther and faster than you ever thought possible. At the same time, you don’t want them to debilitate or discourage you.

 Do they align with your mission and support the vision you have for your life?

T—Time Sensitive.
 Deadlines put a time stamp on your goals and there is end in sight, which makes goals attainable.

Now that you know the formula for goal setting the correct way. Write down YOUR goals, for the rest of this year and 2018!

Start with your Health goals. Then family goals. Job goals. Vacation goals. Service goals.  What do you need to do to accomplish your goals? Write that down as well.

Please don’t wait for the new year to set your goals. Life goes by too fast. All of a sudden your kids are off in college and your goal of spending more time with them is past..unless you can play beer pong, then your in 🙂


p.s. We are goal setting at the gym the rest of October. Come in, sit down, lets talk about your goals. And even if you want to dive into your life goals we can go there too. I have taken a entire class in physiology one semester, I got this for you!

Love Tammy Friedt

Owner of CrossFit TPA


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