What is CrossFit?


CrossFit is a gym (that we call a box). But more than that CrossFit is a style of training that is constantly varied and involves functional movements that are performed with intensity.

Constantly Varied– When you walk in a CrossFit gym you will find a “WOD”…Workout of the Day. It is always something different. Something designed to challenge you in new ways. CrossFit is never boring!

Functional Movements– You will not find any machines in a CrossFit gym. We do not isolate muscle groups instead we choose functional movements that involve multiple joints. Our movements are designed to engage from core to extremity, giving each athlete a comprehensive workout.

Performed with Intensity– Most of our workouts are on the clock (timed). Once the foundational skills are mastered it is time for some intensity. This is the piece that pushes you to do more than you thought possible. The energy of the group is a powerful motivator.